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Claim is a social platform gamifying shopping for Gen Z.

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Why Claim?

Claim is a social platform where brands acquire new customers with gamified cash back. We leverage first-party data to match consumers in a way that is more accurate, more authentic, and more cost-effective. There is no upfront cost as you only pay when you acquire a new customer.

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Claim turns shopping into a game.

Claim is a social app where users earn cash back for completing challenges, like shopping at new brands. Rewards are social so users can trade them among friends. Claim is rapidly expanding at colleges, positioning us to become Gen Z's #1 shopping companion.

Claim is a shopping game

Access Gen Z, natively.

Claim is a favorite on college campuses. We first launched at Harvard and onboarded over half of all students in month 1, quickly becoming a campus staple.

We help you access Gen Z

Only pay for net new customers.

We connect to users' credit cards to find true net-new customers, verified by their transaction history. Our card link proves attribution, meaning no upfront cost: we only charge you when we bring in a net-new customer. And first party data allows us to target users with high intent and personalization.

You only pay when we acquire a customer for you

Effortless to trial.

Get up and running on Claim, same-day. Our contract is less than two pages and we require zero IT/tech integrations to get started.

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It's simple and easy to get started

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