Shop, Earn, Share

You’re a valuable customer! We want to connect you to new brands and reward you for spending. And we want you to be able share and trade these benefits with friends too :)

Hi! Nice to meet you

We’re a small team, and we love what we’re doing. We’re excited about changing the future of shopping. We believe our users should benefit from where they spend their money and how often. We’re on a mission to make shopping fun, flexible, and social.

Working at Claim

Our story

Co-founders Sam & Tap are college roommates and hatched the idea for Claim when they reunited together in business school. Early testing began on Harvard's campus in 2022 and Claim has scaled since.

We're fortunate to be backed by world-class investors.

Why Web3?

We're a web3 company, first and foremost, because we believe that blockchain powers an incredible user experience (all under the hood). We want users to own their own things, and blockchain allows for trust, transparency, and security when trading rewards.